UK Radio Requests

How to request a song to be played on a radio

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UK Radio Requests

How to request a song to be played on a radio

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BEFORE LALISA: Send individual tweets (1 at a time) to tell them how excited you are to get to hear Lalisa on radio, and that you hope they will play her. Be polite but enthusiastic! Thank them if they respond. EXAMPLE:

IMPORTANT DJs to contact

These DJs run hugely popular or important shows. We want them to know that there is organic interest in LALISA. Tweet @ them politely, tell them how excited you are to hear them play LALISA on their show from September 10. Click the link to go straight to their Twitter account.

Radio station list

Region Radio Station Twitter TEXT (UK ONLY) Website

National BBC Radio 1 81199

National Heart 82122

National Capital 83958

N. Ireland Cool FM 63103 (COOL + message)

National Kiss FM 64100 (KISS + message) N/A (no messaging on website)

National Jack FM Oxford N/A

National Hits Radio UK N/A

National Gaydio 81400 (Gaydio + message)

National Power Radio UK N/A

England (Essex) Radio Essex 81333 (Essex + message)

England (Wolverhampton) WCRFM N/A

Scotland (Edinburgh) Forth 1 61025 (Studio + message) email: [email protected]

England (Stoke) Signal 1 63103 (SIGNAL + message)

Scottish borders & Northumberland Radio Borders 61025 (BORDERS + message)

Scotland (Edinburgh) North Sound 61025 (NORTH + message)

Northern England Magic Radio 61054 (MAGIC + message) email: [email protected]

England (London) Heat Radio 65115 (HEAT + message) email: [email protected]

Scotland (Glasgow) Clyde 1 61025 N/A (no messaging on website)

Kent KMFM 60099 (kmfm + message)

England (Yorkshire and Northern Lincs ) Viking FM 63103 (viking + message) N/A (no messaging on website)

UK Radio Requests
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Published 12/01/2022, 23:20:34


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