ffxiv meals catalogue & compendium

An up-to-date log of every single consumable meal item and if applicable, their recipes, in FFXIV, for you to reference at any time.

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ffxiv meals catalogue & compendium

An up-to-date log of every single consumable meal item and if applicable, their recipes, in FFXIV, for you to reference at any time.

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FFXIV Meals Catalogue & Compendium


Credits: Vash / @vashiane

Contributors: Laur / @ForeverLorn, Lauren / @Renjamino

Special Thanks: to my siblings for putting up with me ranting about fictional food for a game they will literally never play.

Table of Contents

* Cataloguer’s Notes

* All Meals By Alphabetical Order

* A • B • C

* D • E • F

* G • H • I

* J • K • L

* M • N • O

* P • R • S

* T • U • V

* W • Y • Z

* Sort By Classification

* Salads

* Soups/Stews

* Breads

* Pastas

* Seafood

* Red Meats

* Poultry/Eggs

* Vegetarian

* Desserts

* Drinks

* Sort By Region

* The Black Shroud

* La Noscea

* Thanalan

* Mor Dhona

* Coerthas

* Dravania

* Thavnairia

* Gyr Abania

* Othard

* Yanxia

* Hingashi

* Norvrandt


Cataloguer’s Notes

vash @vashiane

First and foremost, welcome! Let me give you a quick guide as to what this compendium’s purpose is and how to use it.

* Currently, this document has a record of all consumable meal items obtained up to the most recent in-game patch, 5.4. As new patches are released with additional items, I will be updating this document accordingly.

* You’ll notice that I don’t have the stats that each meal gives — I decided that the focus of this document would be a narrative one, not a strategic one; it’s more about cataloguing the recipes and meals for the community’s writers, roleplayers, and lore enthusiasts’ needs. There’s a second reason for this, which is…

* This document is huge. It’s currently over 100 pages, and there’s definite lag when interacting with the document. I'll try to find a way to mitigate this as best I can, especially for future updates, and make the document easy to navigate for people wanting to search for things quickly.

* You’ll also likely notice that Sort By Region is sparse at the moment. That’s because my initial classifications for Sort By Region were “if this location is directly mentioned in its description or name”. This ended up leaving that section rather empty, but I also did not want to claim my speculations to be canon. I will be working on this section in the future, hopefully with input from the community.

* If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or find any errors, please contact me at my twitter @vashiane or my Discord vashiane#5272. My DMs are open and I’m a critical insomniac— I should be with you shortly.


* All meal consumables up to patch 5.2 documented.

* Sort by Classification (based on the meal’s primary ingredients and/or purpose) and Sort By Region categories added. Note: Sort By Region is currently under review; as of writing this it’s complete to the specifications I’ve initially set.


* Added the Ishgardian Restoration Culinarian Collectibles + 5.3 Meals.

* Just a heads up for the Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders’ Quiche — the original in-game description is [ In cases such as these, “artisanal” actually means “even the chef can't doesn't know went into it,” hence the impossibility of replicating the recipe. ] The description in the catalogue here has been altered to make it more comprehensible, but I wanted the original text to still be documented just in case.


* Added the 5.4 meals.

* New category added: pastas! Note that I didn’t include things like ramen or buckwheat as noodles and pasta are similar but not interchangeable.

* Also the Zefir entry does not have a picture currently, because I need to find/make one that’s the proper resolution.


All Meals By Alphabetical Order


Acorn Cookie

A crisp cookie made with iron acorn paste. A favorite of the Qiqirn.

* 1 Rye Flour

* 1 Table Salt

* 1 Iron Acorn

* 1 Mineral Water

Afternoon Tea Set

Add a hint of sophistication to your residence with this elegant collection of ceramic ware.

* 1 Chamomile Tea

* 1 Pineapple Ponzecake

* 1 Honey Muffin

* 1 Acorn Cookie

* 1 Maple Sugar

Aldgoat Steak

A traditional dish of the Highland Hyur consisting of a thick cut of aldgoat chuck charred over an open flame.

* 1 Aldgoat Chunk

* 1 Table Salt

* 1 Garlean Garlic

Alligator Salad

A simple salad made from slices of alligator pear tossed in dark vinegar.

* 1 Alligator Pear

* 1 Paprika

* 1 Table Salt

* 1 Dark Vinegar

* 1 Olive Oil

* 1 Blue Cheese

Almond Cream Croissant

A flaky crescent-shaped pastry sliced in two and buttered with a sweet creamy paste made from almonds.

* 2 Honeydew Almonds

* 1 Highland Flour

* 1 Fermented Butter

* 1 Birch Syrup

* 1 Duskborne Aethersand

Alpine Breakfast

A simple but hearty breakfast oft supped upon by Temple Knights before taking their morning tilts.

* 1 Walnut Bread

* 1 Fried Egg

* 1 Smoked Raptor

* 1 Spinach Sauté

* 2 Ruby Tomato

* 1 Rolanberry Cheese

Alpine Supper Set

This warm array of comfort food has become a treat for special occasions amongst the commoner families of Ishgard, who have been known to save their coin for moons to procure the ingredients.

* 1 Deep-Fried Okeanis

* 1 Beet Soup

* 1 Kaiser Roll

* 1 Heavenly Kukuru Powder

* 1 Yak Milk

Alpine Tea Set

Add an air of nobility to your residence with this set of antique pewter.

* 2 Ishgardian Tea

* 2 Pineapple Ponzecake

* 2 Cloud Banana

* 2 La Noscean Orange

Ame-zaiku Set

Candy kneaded into a variety of intricate shapes by a Doman artisan.

* Merchant Item (Doman Enclave)

Angler Stew

A thick, creamy stew brimming with tender chunks of fish, onions, and chives.

* 1 Priestfish

* 1 Solstice Garlic

* 1 Cyclops Onion

* 1 Chives

* 1 Highland Flour

* 1 Yak Milk

Antelope Steak

A slice of lean antelope meat charred on all sides.

* 1 Antelope Shank

* 1 Table Salt

* 1 Garlean Garlic

Antelope Stew

A thick, flavorful soup made by simmering a variety of wild vegetables and antelope meat over low heat for several hours.

* 1 Antelope Shank

* 1 Sunset Wheat Flour

* 1 Wild Onion

* 1 Coerthan Carrot

* 1 Popoto

Apkallu Omelette

Apkallu eggs beaten and then cooked in rich butter until fluffy and light. A favorite in Vylbrand's coastal hamlets.

* 1 Black Truffle

* 1 Apkallu Egg

* 1 Sweet Cream

* 1 Smooth Butter

* 1 Table Salt

* 1 Mineral Water

Apple Juice

Juice freshly squeezed from shiny red mirror apples.

* 6 Mirror Apple

Apple Strudel

A handful of chopped apples glazed with birch syrup are thinly wrapped in a warm flaky crust, topped with just a sprinkling of cinnamon.

* 2 Golden Apple

* 1 Highland Flour

* 1 Fermented Butter

* 1 Birch Syrup

* 1 Vanilla Beans

* 1 Cinnamon

Apple Tart

A round pastry filled with sweet faerie apples and fragrant spices.

* 1 Pie Dough

* 1 Faerie Apple

* 1 Chicken Egg

* 1 Cinnamon

* 1 Maple Sugar

* 1 Smooth Butter

Approved Ishgardian Lunch

Tasty and wholesome, this lunch set is said to be a favorite among skybuilders.

* 1 Lorikeet Egg

* 1 Fullmoon Sardine

* 1 Curly Parsley

* 1 Paprika

* 1 Ala Mhigan Mustard

* 1 Lemonette

Arros Negre

Though the squid ink makes for an unusual appearance, its contribution to this dish's flavor profile is undeniable─ it blends with several herbs and spices to complement the buttery mussels and hearty rice for an immensely satisfying culinary experience.

* 1 Sweetmeat Mussel

* 1 Squid Ink

* 1 Bomba Rice

* 1 Paprika

* 1 Chiaroglow Aethersand

Assorted Fruit

The world is better off oblivious of the fell magicks used to keep this basket of fruit eternally free of bruises and mold.

* 1 Prickly Pineapple

* 1 La Noscean Orange

* 1 Lowland Grapes

* 1 Pixie Plums

* 1 Walnut Lumber

Authentic Evercold Shaved Ice

Authentic thinly shaved ice, generously heaped into an authentic oversmall bowl and drizzled with sweet yet tangy rolanberry syrup...authentically. Why it never melts is a question best served cold.

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Festive Chirashi-zushi

Almost identical to normal chirashi-zushi, but with markedly more festivity. This serving is guaranteed authentic...and hopefully fresh.

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Festive Sushi Balls

Put off by the oblongitudinal proportions of regular sushi? Well, your prayers have been answered. All the fresh fish and vinegared rice you love, authentically ham-fisted into semi-sophisticated spheroids perfect for popping.

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Festive Pumpkin Platter

In the authentic spirit of All Saints' Wake, each of these pastries is pumpkin-flavored...except for the pumpkin-shaped one, which was deemed thematically sufficient regardless. In the even more authentic spirit of All Saints' Wake, there are more of them than is advisable to consume in one sitting.

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Starlight Donuts

Festive treats for those who prefer to express their Starlight spirit through eating until they lose consciousness. While one may be forgiven for mistaking these for leftovers from a previous year, that could not be further from the truth, according to their baker.

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Valentione’s Day Pairing

Rich cake powdered with dark chocolate and paired with a fine wine (now authentically aged for your enjoyment).

* Event Item (Mogstation)

Authentic Valentione Lobster Platter

An authentically sumptuous plate of boiled and buttered lobster. Comes complete with a heart-shaped pizza. For reasons...of authenticity.

* Event Item (Mogstation)


Bacon Bread

Soft dough mixed with thick-sliced bacon and twisted into a pattern resembling a sheaf of wheat.

* 1 Smoked Bacon

* 1 Sunset Wheat

* 1 Mineral Water

* 1 Night Milk

* 2 Volcanic Rock Salt

Bacon Broth

Though technically a soup, this Ixali dish consists mainly of large slabs of smoked bacon boiled with several other lesser ingredients.

* 1 Smoked Bacon

* 1 Xelphatol Spri

ffxiv meals catalogue & compendium
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