The Big Queer Podcast List (

A comprehensive list of all queer podcasts

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The Big Queer Podcast List (

A comprehensive list of all queer podcasts

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#QueerAF UK-based student-run podcast. Short and thoughtful listening, sometimes more amazing than expected.

2 Dope Queens Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams host this comedy podcast. They invite stand up comics from many different backgrounds to perform. Any; though no longer producing new content

2Homos Long since podfaded, but still great content. Another show in the vein of "people just having a chat, who happen to be queer." A married lesbian couple discuss everything from (then-)current events, to the effects of aging on their genitalia, to the adoption of their son, with a style of coping humor that makes me laugh every time. There are ten years' worth of episodes, starting in 2006, start with ep1 if you want to follow their relationship as it develops, or pick and choose interesting topics.

A Gay & A NonGay Fun, short podcast. Sometimes emotional, sometimes silly "In a time where we're all threatened by a rhetoric of hate from the people in power; A Gay And A NonGay challenges many of our differences head on and promises that no matter who you are, or what you're into (Bruce Springsteen or Britney), love is love and gay and nongays can be friends." Ep 1 to binge the lot. A really great one is A Gay, A NonGay and a Trans

A OK The host interviews with people on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums. I haven't seen a lot of ace representation in podcasts.

A Story Most Queer A weekly podcast featuring narratives by and about queer people

A Woman's Smile Comedians Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez improvising absurd and delightful episodes complete with sound effects A Woman's Smile is Kind

Afroqueer This podcast is incredibly intersectional, eye-opening, and educational, all while being an entertaining listen. It explores a diverse range of topics, people, and ideas that everyone should be talking about. Definitely required listeneing for everyone! S1 ep 1: "Pride and Prejudice in Johannesburg"

All My Relations Matika Wilbur and Adrienne Keene explore their relationship to land, culture and one another and tackle issues facing indegenous peoples today! Ep 1 Season 1: total of 9 episodes

Anthems [UK]y “Anthems” is a collection of original manifestos, speeches, stories, poems and rallying cries written and voiced by exceptional people, that celebrate and contemplate what it means to be human. Our beauty, our failures, our rich heritage, our rage and our power. Season 3 theme is PRIDE. From June 1st [2020] we bring 30 Episodes over the 30 days of Pride Month written and voiced by contributors exclusively from the LGBTQIA+ community. Season 3 Episode 1 (each episode is 5–10 minutes long)

Ars Paradoxica Queer, sci-fy audiodrama about time travel and the best audiodrama podcast I have ever listened to. "When an experiment in a time much like our own goes horribly awry, Dr. Sally Grissom finds herself stranded in the past and entrenched in the activities of a clandestine branch of the US government. Grissom and her team quickly learn that there's no safety net when toying with the fundamental logic of the universe." Episode 1: Hypothesis

Attack of the Queerwolf Three queer hosts dissect horror movie favs from the classic to the problematic. ANY really, but my favorite is Ep 34: "I Love Trash" (with Sam Wineman)

Attitudes! Attitudes (formerly "Throwing Shade") is the political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who deliver their fresh takes on pop culture, women’s rights, and LGBT rights with hilarity and vulgarity. Spend your Thursdays with the podcast called “the perfect combination of silly, intelligent, cynical and charming” by Entertainment Weekly and “Oprah’s #1 pick” by an iTunes reviewer who is not Oprah. This is a long running weekly podcast with over 400 episodes so just start with the latest episode.

Bad Gays

Bad Queers Podcast Bad Queers Kris & Shana from @hersocialapp will leave you both offended & inspired by challenging stereotypes of the very fluid LGBTQ+ experience Episode 0 - Welcome to the Bad Queers Club!

Badvertising It's a hilarious show hosted by three queer women (two of whom are dating and so in love). It starts from the premise that corporations sometimes make pretty bad advertising that goes viral (any one remember the Dr Pepper 10 campaign that said it wasn't for women??). Each episode they pick a different company and make a viral failure. Over time, the show starts to turn their running jokes that literalizes the demonic/souless nature of capitalism into an actual narrative. Either the pilot (Smoke-a-Cola Zero VR) or Episode 6: The Apple "Block"

Burst Your Bubble

Be a Beacon A Proud Black Masculine of Center Lesbian in the DC area interviews a variety of LGBTQ people, mostly other people of color and from all over the world and shares a few stand alone reflection episodes Start with Episode 4, where she really gets into the interviews

Bearded Fruit More than just gay, one of the two married hosts is on the ace spectrum.

Bestfriends Host Nicole and Sasheer talk about being friends, take online quizes, have guest and quiz them and have very very delightful tangents at times ep1

Beyond the Letters podcast series hosted by authors Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie-Roberts and brought to you by Heinemann publishing. In each episode, Maggie and Kate interview LGBTQ+ educators about their stories, strategies and practical advice for creating truly inclusive educational spaces for queer youth and educators, alike. S1 E3: Living Authentically with Shamari Reed

Bible Bash Peterson Toscano (cis gay bible scholar and performance artist of TransFigurations and The HomoNomo Halfway House) and Liam Hooper (trans religious scholar currently converting to Judaism) discuss one scripture passage each episode, comparing it to a secular text that is similarly life-affirming, faith-affirming, and/or queerness-affirming. Ep. 1 or current episode.

Big Dyke Energy

Bisexuali-tea Two queer friends who are bi+. Very informal. Good company.

Bitter Brown Femmes

Books That Burn Discusses trauma in books from the angle that the author is the only one with agency, both hosts are nonbinary. Discusses trauma in books from the angle that the author is the only one with agency, both hosts are nonbinary.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer The Pilot! A pop culture podcast that looks at media representations in movies, TV, and music, and the host is queer. Some episodes look at queer representation in Orange is the New Black, Friends, Will & Grace, Captain Planet, Clueless, "Gay Villians," and more. Episode 1 (but you can start wherever caue there's no order).

Busy Being Black "The podcast exploring how we liveim the fullness of our queer Black lives."

Calla Cabro It's hilarous and this group of gay guys also serve as a lens through which to view Peruvian politics. Sometimes they have guests, too. This is a spanish language podcast . The beginning.

Caravan The horniest audiodrama--queer fantasy/western. "First rule of Wound Canyon: No one who gets in, ever gets out. So when a brilliant, ghostly specter flies through the sky amid the rain and lightning, Samir stumbles off a steep cliff and into a hidden world, one in which demons, vampires, and all other manner of paranormal creatures take sanctuary." Ep 1: Riders in the Sky

CBC's Chosen Familyszzsssssssssssstg Long-form interview show with Montreal-based hosts Thomas & Tranna discussing the intersection of art, sexuality, the spiritual... and Celine Dion. Deep dives into art but also pop culture cannon, mix of raw vulnerability and personal storytelling...hosts also have a strong critical lens. S2E13 Sweet Fantasy w Owen Pallett, S2E17 Super Soul Sexuality w Rabbi Lisa Grushcow

Cheers & Queers A boozie podcast about Black queer life 🥂, hosted by @is_she_okay and @kiryat. Part of the @giftedsounds network! The latest: A shot for 2021

Cliterary Society 3 lesbians recapping and reviewing sapphic romance novels. Sometimes hot but pretty much always absurd and hilarious.

Coming Out with Lauren & Nicole Relatable stories about how people came out to themselves and their loved ones. You'll laugh, you'll cry, sometimes in the same episode Ep. 27 Travon Free

Country Queers "The Country Queers podcast features oral history interviews with rural and small-town LGBTQIA+ folks in the U.S. " Ep. 0 drops June 30th 2020

Critical Bits Queer actual play about super-powered teens fighting the evil institutions in their town. Very funny with strong emtional beats. Welcome to Hevendale if you want to start from the begining, or there's a "Worry J

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