Libertarian Fact Sheet

Resources for libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism

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Libertarian Fact Sheet

Resources for libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism

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Libertarian Fact Sheet


A GitHub version of this document is currently under development


A great document with various ancap resources (and a lot of overlap with this sheet)


Hey libertarians, it would be great to expand this google doc to contain a plethora of information and we would need multiple people to help contribute to this. If you have any information you would like to add, please email me at [email protected] (yes, it's a fake email). You can send me new information or new possible sections to add to this document. You can literally email me any political information and rebuttals you want that follow the standards of libertarianism. If you have a lot of information that you would like to add periodically, I can maybe give you edit access to the document. Please keep in mind this is not officially done in any manner, as I will continue to add new info covering many studies and debunks to help other libertarians. Thank you!


Key for color coding (for maintenance use):

* White = finished for now but you can still add info

* Green = formatted but lacking or otherwise needs revisiting

* Yellow = mixed bag of link dump and formatted

* Orange = link dump with minimal annotations

* Red = does not exist yet




* Worker Coops Versus Traditional Firms

* Debunking: “1986 study finds socialist countries having higher quality of life”

* Socialism Failures in the USSR

* Most of the USSR’s so-called success came from privatization

* Debunking: “The USSR had higher nutrition and calorie consumption”

* Socialism Failures in Venezuela

* Debunking: “Sanctions Destroyed Venezuela, not Socialism”

* Debunking: “Venezuela High Reliance on Oil Harmed them, not Socialism”

* Socialism Failures in Cuba

* Debunking: “Sanctions Destroyed Cuba, not Socialism”

* Socialism Failures in Maoist China

* Socialism Failures in Other Countries


* Communism (and Socialism) Inherent Flaws

* Communism Historical Failures


* Left-"Anarchy" Inherent Flaws

* Left-"Anarchy" Historical Failures

The Nordic Model:

* All Nordic Countries

* Failed "Nordic" Model Countries: France, Italy, Greece

* Finland

* Sweden

* Denmark

* Norway

* Iceland

Economic Calculation Problem (ECP):

* Explanations to the Economic Calculation Problem

* Economic Calculation in the USSR

* Debunking: “Well We Can Just Simulate The Market”

* Debunking: “We Know What People Need, We Don’t Need Economic Calculation”

* Debunking: “Walmart/Large Corporations are Proof the ECP is Outdated”

* Debunking: “Market Socialism/David McMullen/Alec Nove Solved the ECP”

* Debunking: “Calculation in Kind Solves the ECP”

* Debunking: “Trial and Error Solves the ECP”

* Debunking: “Opportunity Cost Value Calculations Solve the ECP”

* Debunking: “Cybersyn Solved the ECP”/“Computers Can Solve the ECP”

* Debunking: “The Use of Labor Hours Solves the ECP"

* Debunking: “The Cobb-Douglas Production Function Solves the ECP”

* Debunking: “Participatory Economics or Surveys Solve the ECP"

* Debunking: “Mathematical Equations Solve the ECP"

* Debunking: “Paul Cockshott refuted the ECP”

* Debunking: “The Lange Model/Lange-Lerner Model Solves the ECP"

* Debunking: “Bryan Caplan, a Radical Capitalist, Refuted the ECP”

* Debunking: “Quasi Markets Solve the ECP”

* Debunking: “Decentralized, Small Communes Solve the ECP”

* Debunking: “Linear Programming Solves the ECP"/"Kantorovich Solved the ECP"

* Debunking: “The Labor Theory of Value/Good Faith 'Anarchist' Refuted the ECP”

* Debunking: “Empirical Data Shows the ECP Isn’t an Issue”

* Debunking: “Post-Scarcity Will Solve the ECP”

* Debunking: “Syndicalism Debunks the ECP”

* Debunking: “Hakim Refuted the ECP”

* Debunking: “The ECP Applies to Capitalism"


* Capitalism increases economic growth and income

* Capitalism decreases poverty

* Capitalism improves health

* Capitalism helps entrepreneurship

* Capitalism and Innovation

* Capitalism and Space Exploration

* Capitalism Increases Overall Happiness

* Capitalism Increases Employment

* Capitalism helps the Environment

* Capitalism Reduces Discrimination

* Capitalism Increases Freedom

* Debunking: “Richard Wolff proved capitalism doesn’t work”

* Capitalisms historical success:

* China

* South Korea


* Chile


* Free Market Environmentalism

* Forests and Private Lands

* Air Pollution

* Water

* Wildlife and Endangered Animals

* Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC)

* Debunking: “Treadmill of Production (TOP) shows Capitalism Harm Environment”

* The Government is a Large Contributor to Environmental Harm

* Negatives Effects of Government Environmental Regulations

* Debunking: “100 Corporations are Responsible for 71% of Carbon Emissions”

Private vs Public Sector:

* Privatization Effect on Economic Performance

* Privatization Effect on Productivity

* Privatization Effect on Prices

* Privatization Effect on Use and Consumption

* Privatization Effect on Innovation

* Privatization Effect on Workers

* Privatization Effect on Roads and Highways

* Privatization Effect On Transportation

* Privatization Effect on Fire Services

* Privatization Effect on the Water Industry

* Privatization Effect on Wildlife and Endangered Animals

* Privatization Effect on the Science Field

* Privatization Effect on Telecoms

* Privatization Effect on Electricity


* How the government ruined housing

* Negative Effects of Public, Subsidized Housing

* The case for a private housing market

* Landlords provide a legitimate service


* Debunking: “Income inequality is increasing”

* Debunking: “Wealth inequality is increasing”

* Debunking: “CEOs Make 300 Times More Than the Average Worker.”

* Debunking: “intergenerational mobility in the US has been flat for decades.”

* Debunking: “The rate of people surpassing their parents income has dropped.”

* Debunking: “The Gini Coefficient shows the US is ranked first in inequality.”

* Debunking: “The top 1% owns so much more income than the bottom 90%.”

* The Myth of the Stagnant Middle Class

* Why Inequality may have Benefits and doesn't really Matter

* Economics Freedom Leads to Less Economic Inequality

* Economic freedom increases social mobility

* Government, not Free Markets, Hurts the Poor and Helps the Rich

* Refuting Thomas Pikketty’s Inequality Research


* Why High Taxes or Increasing Taxes is Detrimental

* Why Low Taxes or Decreasing Taxes is Beneficial

* Negative economic effects of a wealth tax

* Laffer Curve: Less Taxes=More Revenue

* Debunking: “the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes”

* Debunking: “The top 1% were taxed 91% in the 1950s”

Monetary Policy:

* Central Banking and the Federal Reserve

* Fractional Reserve Banking

* Free, Deregulated Banking

* Gold Standard

* Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT)

* 1929 Great Depression

* 2008 Financial Crisis

* Debunking: “Anthropologists proved Menger wrong on money!”

Government Assistance:

* Negative Effects of Government Welfare

* Negative Effects of Social Security

* Negative Effects of a Negative Income Tax (NIT)

* The Case for Privatizing Welfare

* The Case for Privatizing Social Security

* Debunking Pro Welfare Studies

Regulation and Deregulation:

* General Negative Effect of Regulations

* Regulations impact on inequality

* Regulation impact on the car industry

* Regulation impact on food

* Regulation impact on worker safety

* Regulation impact on competition and entrepreneurship

* Regulation impact on unemployment

* Regulation impact on discrimination

* Deregulation General Benefits

* Deregulation impact on prices

* Deregulation impact on the airline industry

* Deregulation impact on the trucking industry

Minimum Wage:

* Effects on unemployment

* Refuting studies concluding the minimum did not hurt employment

* Effects on earnings and compensation

* Effects on consumer prices

* Effects on minorities

* Effects on poverty

* Effects on business profits and entrepreneurship

* Effects on crimes

* Why the minimum wage law should be abolished

* Debunking: "Without a minimum wage, capitalists will underpay workers."

* Debunking: “Wages have not tracked with productivity.”

The Top 1%:

* Wealthy people are on average, more diligent workers

* Debunking: “The wealthy can’t spend all their money”

* Debunking: “The rich just inherited their money.”

* Debunking: “The wealthy could end world hunger if they wanted to.”

Industrial Revolution:

* Child Labor during the Industrial Revolution

* Wages

* Working Conditions

* Nutrition and Health

* The Women Population

* Environment

* Inequality


* Marx’s Labor Theory of Value

* Surplus Value

* Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall

* Monopolies

* Cartels

* Alienation

* Job Automation

* Infinite Growth on a Planet with Finite Resources

* Discrimination

* Child Labor

* Sweatshops

* Slavery


* Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and post Keynesian Economics

* Debunking: “You Don’t Get It, Muh Sticky Prices!!”

* Failed Keynesian Predictions and Successful Austrian Predictions

Austrian School of Economics:

* Praxeology

* Economic Calculation Problem

* Subjective Theory of Value

* Broken Mirror Fallacy

* Opportunity Cost and Time Preference

* Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT)

Book Notes and Summaries:

* Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazzlit

* Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard

* A Critique of Interventionism by Ludwig Von Mises

* Chaos Theory by Robert P. Murphy

* Choice by Robert P. Murphy

* Meltdown by Tom Woods




* Universal Preschool/Daycare


* Public vs Private Schools

* Free Market, Privatized K-12 Education

* Benefits of School Choice

* Charter Sc

Libertarian Fact Sheet
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