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Airdrop list spreadsheet

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Protocol Blockchain Action Site Funding Investor Airdrop?

Paraswap Multi-Chain Do swaps $2.7M Yes

Opensea Multi-Chain Buy NFT $127.2M a16z, Coinbase

Zapper Multi-Chain Do swaps $17M Coinbase, ParaFi

Zerion Multi-Chain Do swaps $10.2M

Debank Multi-Chain Do swaps N/A

Metamask Multi-Chain Do swaps N/A

ApeBoard Multi-Chain Do swaps N/A

Rabbit Hole Multi-Chain Do quests $3.6M ParaFi

xPollinate Multi-Chain Use bridge N/A

Hop Protocol Cross-Chain Use bridge N/A

Celer Cross-Chain Use bridge $6.1M

Wormhole Cross-Chain Use bridge N/A

Lyra Optimism Use the protocol $3.3M ParaFi Yes

Optimism Optimism Use bridge / use chain $28.5M a16z, Paradigm

Arbitrum Arbitrum Use bridge / use chain $123.7M Coinbase

zkSync zkSync Use bridge / use chain

Slingshot Polygon Do swaps N/A

Jarvis Polygon Do swaps $1.3M

Ethereum Name Service Ethereum Buy ENS Yes

Saddle Ethereum Provide liquidity (LP) $4.3M Coinbase Yes

Opyn Ethereum Use the protocol $9.1M Paradigm

Fractional Art Ethereum Buy NFT $8.4M Paradigm

Shell Ethereum Use the protocol Private

Defi Saver Ethereum Use the protocol N/A

Element Fi Ethereum Provide liquidity (LP)

Charm Fi Ethereum Deposit into vaults

DeversiFi Ethereum Use the protocol $5.5M ParaFi

Cozy Fi Ethereum Use the protocol

NiftyGateway Ethereum Buy NFT Private

Argent Ethereum Use wallet $16.2M Paradigm

CowSwap Ethereum Do swaps

PartyBid Ethereum Use the protocol

Polymarket Ethereum Use the protocol $4M ParaFi

TokenSets Ethereum Buy TokenSets

Ondo Fi Ethereum Use the protocol

Foundation Ethereum Buy NFT $200K

Angle Ethereum Use the protocol $5M a16z

Zora Ethereum Buy NFT

Solend Solana Use the protocol N/A Yes

Apricot Finance Solana Use the protocol $4M

Jet Protocol Solana Use the protocol $4.8M ParaFi

Francium Solana Use the protocol N/A

Sonar Solana Use the protocol N/A

Digital Eyes Solana Buy NFT N/A

Solanart Solana Buy NFT N/A

Phantom Solana Use wallet $9M a16z

Psy Options Solana Use the protocol N/A

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List by Bankless (1)

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Published 27/11/2021, 16:51:30


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