Comparing NFT Platforms

Here's a spreadsheet comparing 35 NFT platforms

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Comparing NFT Platforms

Here's a spreadsheet comparing 35 NFT platforms

cryptocurrency, NFT, art

Name URL Twitter Reach Promotion / Boosting Wallet Support Listing/ Selling Blockchain Type Storage File Size Limit Hidden Content Fees Platform Cut Royalty from Secondary Sales Collaborators / Split Payments Control of sale Import Contracts? Payment support Type of Sales Genre Focus File Support Token Support Public Stats Legal / Copyright Contact

888 XRP/Flare 8.88% XRP, FXRP, BTC, Doge

ArtBlocks Metamask Curated Ethereum PoW Gas 10% Creator Sets % ETH Generative Art ERC-721

Async Metamask, Wallet Connect, Fortamatic, Ledger Open Ethereum PoW No 10-30% 10% to Creator, 1% to Async ETH, Credit Card Auctions [email protected]

Audius Curated Ethereum PoW Music

Bitski 7K Planned Campaign Proprietary Wallet Curated Ethereum PoW Platform Creator: $99 + $70 p/mo Collector: $50 + $199 p/mo Agency: $1500 p/mo 5% No Credit Card [email protected]

Block Party Proprietary, Metamask, Blocto Curated Ethereum + FLOW PoW + PoS credit card + ETH

Cargo 3k Open Ethereum, xDai, Polygon (matic) PoW + PoS yes Lazy Minting Creator Sets % (up to 15%) Yes, up to 15 accounts User Anything ERC-721, ERC-2309

Catalog Curated Ethereum 0% Creator Sets % Music

Dapperlabs 60k Metamask Curated Flow PoS N/A Platform (Minted by Platform) ETH, Credit Card Fixed Price Sales, Marketplace

daVinci Gallery 600 Metamask, Harmony One Open Harmony PoS 4% 10% to creator 4% to platform HRC-721, HRC-1155

Ephimera 2.5k From Community Metamask Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS 250MB No Gas + 10% Fee 10% 10% to creator Yes, up to 4 wallets with adjustable % No Auctions, Fixed Price Photography (lens-based) MP4, WebM, JPG, PNG, PDF, WEBP, GLB ERC-721

Eporio 300 Metamask, AlphaWallet, NiftyWallet Open xDai PoS 1% Fee 1% Creator Sets % User XDAI [email protected]

Foundation 70k Planned Campaign Metamask Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS 50MB No Gas 15% 10% if sold on Foundation or OpenSea Yes Minted by User, then managed by Platform No ETH Auctions JPG, PNG, MP4 Proprietary, ERC-721 [email protected]

Ghost Market 4.5k From Community ecto,poltergeist Open Phantasma, Neo PoW + PoS yes KCAL Gas Creator Sets % No User No Phantasmo,Neo,ETH,SOUL,GOATI,MKNI Fixed Price Sales Music

Hic Et Nunc (aka HEN, Here + Now) 10k Kukai, Temple, Spline, Galleon Open Tezos PoS IPFS 40MB Tezos Gas 2.50% Creator Sets % (up to 25%) No User No Tezos Fixed Price Sales Anything gif, jpeg, png, svg, mp4, webm, glb, mp3, wav, flac, pdf, html (zip archive), md TZIP-012

Kalamint 3k Temple Curated Tezos PoS IPFS No Tezos Gas 2.5% - 1.25% paid by buyer 1.25% by seller Creator Sets % (up to 50%) No User Tezos Fixed Price Sales, Marketplace, (auctions in testing) Anything PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4

Known Origin 28k Campaigns & Community Metamask, Portis, Fortmatic, WalletConnect Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS 75MB No Gas 15% 12.5% to creator 2.5% to Platform Yes (can give up to 90% to a second wallet address) User No ETH Auctions, Fixed Price png, jpg, gif, svg, webp, webm, mp4, glb ERC-721 [email protected]


LGND Curated Wax (EOS sidechain) PoS 20% 10% to creator Yes, on both primary and secondary sales Platform USD, Credit Cards Auctions, Fixed Price

MakersPlace 48k Planned Campaign Proprietary Wallet, Metamask Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS No Gas + Credit Card Fees 15% 10% to creator 2.5% to Platform No User No ETH, Credit Card Auctions ERC-721 [email protected]

Meme 17k No Meme

Mintable 21k Metamask Open Ethereum, Zillqa PoW Platform yes Lazy Minting 2.5% normal / 5% gasless / 10% printable User ETH ERC-721 [email protected]

NFTfi Metamask Curated Ethereum PoW NFTs as loan collateral.

Nifty Gateway 86K Planned Campaign Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS No 20% 5% Platform (Minted by Platform) No Credit Card + "Prepaid Eth" for some transactions. Auctions, Silent auctions, Fixed Price Sales Proprietary [email protected]

OpenSea 211k MetaMask, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Torus, Portis Open Ethereum, Polygon, (Tezos being added) PoW + PoS Platform 50MB yes Lazy Minting 2.50% Creator Sets % (up to 10%) No User yes ETH, ERC20s Auctions, Fixed Price, Dutch Auctions Anything JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF ERC-1155, ERC-721 [email protected]

Origin Protocol 93k Planned Campaign import a wallet,create a wallet Curated Ethereum PoW AWS 15% No onsite secondary market. OpenSea supported. No. Platform (Minted by Platform) No Credit Card, ETH Auctions, Fixed Price, Multisale Auctions ERC-721 [email protected]

Rad Curated PoW

Rarible 123k From Community Metamask Fortmatic WalletConnect Coinbase Wallet MyEtherWallet Torus Open Ethereum PoW IPFS 100MB yes Lazy Minting (coming soon) 2.50% Creator Sets % (up to 100%) (coming soon) User yes ETH,RARI,WETH,DAI,ATRI Auctions, Fixed Price PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, MP3 ERC-1155, ERC-721 [email protected]

Ravenmode Curated Ravencoin P2P PoS IPFS Ravencoin, BTC, ETH

Super Rare 83k Planned Campaign Metamask, Fortamatic Curated Ethereum PoW IPFS No 3% Fee 15% 10% to creator 3% to platform No User No ETH Auctions, Fixed Price ERC-721 [email protected]

Screen Saver World Open Polygon (matic) PoS 40 MB 5% 15% to creator, 5% to marketplace Matic Auctions, .png, .jpg, .glb, .mp3, .mp4, .gif

Valubles by Cent Planned Campaign Metamask Open Ethereum PoW Fees 5% 2.5% to creator User ETH Tweets ERC-721

Wax 64k Open Wax (EOS sidechain) PoS ETH, WAX

Zora (platform) 27k From Community Wallet Connect Open Ethereum PoW IPFS No Gas 0% Creator Sets % No User ETH, Any ERC20 Token Auctions, Fixed Price Anything PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, TXT, MD, PDF, PSD, AI, URL ERC-721

This document was originally compiled by Sean, Harper, Dylan and Amanda at Obey Giant. Maintained primarily by Sean. Feel free to share it, suggest an edit, or help us fill in the blanks. This document can be found at A helpful intro to NFTs can be found at

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Comparing NFT Platforms
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