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Crowdsourced early debt/ABL/LOC providers in the market today

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BaaS - Open Source Info - Banks & Processors

Crowdsourced early debt/ABL/LOC providers in the market today

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Name Bin Sponsor Receivables Programs Restricted to these processors Program Size Target URL Contact at Company OCC or FDIC Asset Size Durbin Capped? Notes

Atlantic Capital Bank OCC $3,779,141,000 No

Austin Capital Bank FDIC $383,436,000 No

Axiom Bank OCC $674,520,000 No

Axos Bank N26 OCC $12,745,029,000

Beneficial State Bank Yes Yes MissionLane FDIC $1,456,464,000 No

Bancorp Yes Chime, SoFi, BlueVine, Current, Varo (old), Venmo, PayPal, Oxygen FDIC $6,180,358,000 No

Bank of Missouri Yes OlloCard FDIC $2,648,288,000 No

Bank of the Internet Yes Axos Bank n/a No acquired by Axos

BBVA No No RIP SIMPLE, Azlo, Wize PNC n/a Yes acquired by PNC

Blue Ridge Bank Yes Unit choice OCC $2,747,488,000 No

CBKC FDIC $335,534,000 No

Celtic Yes Deserve, Stripe, Square, Kabbage, OnDeck, BlueVine FDIC $3,905,054,000 No

CFSB Yes Yes Wise, Greenlight, Skrill, Airwallex, CurrencyCloud, Credit Sesame [email protected] OCC $730,443,000 No

Choice Bank Unit, Current, Lively, Lili FDIC $3,196,969,000 No

Coastal Community Bank Yes Yes Aspiration, One Finance, Carta, Synctera, Aven, Pomelo FDIC $2,006,059,000 No

Commerce Bank Yes Yes Charity Charge TSYS FDIC $33,712,939,000 Yes Primarily only cobrands; TSYS Shop

Cross River Yes Yes Upgrade, Coinbase, Stripe, RocketLoans, Remitly, Affirm, Best Egg, Upstart, LendingUSA, Lending Club FDIC $14,323,105,000 No

Emigrant Bank Brex FDIC $5,747,984,000

Emprise Bank Yes Emprise Bank [email protected] FDIC $2,345,821,000 No

Evolve Yes Yes Bond, Sila, Stripe Treasury, Synapse, Deserve, Dave, Step, Rho, Mercury, OnJuno, BlockFi FDIC $691,611,000 No

FB&T Yes Yes Final :(, CreditShop FDIC $3,833,789,000 No

Fifth Third Bank Yes Yes ADP, Wirecard, FIS/Worldpay Med - Large John Piazza OCC $201,995,877,000 Yes

First Horizon Yes No Synapse (omnibus) OCC $87,574,096,000 Yes

First Century Bank FDIC $515,433,000

First Electronic Bank Yes ? BlisPay :(, Cardless FEB is having issues FDIC $74,233,000 No

Goldman Sachs No Yes Apple, GM, JetBlue, Walmart, Amazon If you have to ask FDIC $351,163,000,000 Yes

Green Dot No Yes Uber, Walmart, Wealthfront, Stash, Amazon, Intuit [email protected] FDIC $386,826,000 No

Hatch Bank Yes Yes HMBradley, Wisetack FDIC $110,191,000 No

J.P. Morgan Chase No If you have to ask OCC $3,190,100,000,000 Yes

Lead Bank FDIC $723,630,000

Lincoln Savings Bank Yes CashApp (old), M1, Acorns, MoneyLion, Qapital FDIC $1,430,476,000 No

MetaBank NetSpend, MoneyLion, Porte OCC $7,054,979,000 No

MetCom Jelli, NexsCard, SImba, Current, US Money, Stream, CashPass, MangoMoney, VamosPay, MeshPay, GroundSwell, Movo Cash, SplashWallet, Ternio Block, Revolut, Allegro, Get Juice, CapWay, Babu, SplashApp, more (google "Issued by Met Com Bank"), FDIC $5,785,488,000 No

Mid-Central National Bank OCC $140,899,000

Middlesex Federal Savings Yes BankNovo OCC $701,066,000

MVB x FDIC $2,741,773,000 No

NBKC Empower, Betterment, Joust FDIC $1,110,604,000 No

Northern Bank No

Patriot Bank Yes OCC $962,807,000

Radius Point, Hatch, Braid OCC $3,357,898,000 No

Regions Bank Yes Stripe, Fleetcor/Comdata I believe Regions is out of the game (not adding new programs) FDIC $154,735,000,000 Yes

Republic Bank Chicago FDIC $2,598,886,000 No

Republic Bank Kentucky FS Card :( FDIC $6,175,649,000 No

SilverGate BTC ALL DAY FDIC $12,297,193,000 No

Stride Bank Yes Yes Chime (Credit), Lyft (driver), Cliq, WageCard, DasherDirect, BusyKid, Lime, PayForward OCC $1,893,278,000 No

Sunrise Bank Yes myestatecard, orbis cards, Passbook by Remitly, (Lending), (Lending), True Link (Debit Card), Gift Rocket OCC $1,669,923,000 No

Stearns Bank Yes Productfy No

Sutton Bank Yes Yes CashApp, Robinhood, Monzo, Cuentas,, Expensify, Brex (old), Ramp, Albert Galileo, Marqeta, Corecard [email protected] FDIC $779,162,000 No

SVB Sorta Yes FDIC $161,200,274,000 Yes Has Virtual Card API

TAB Bank Yes No MissionLane, Sunbit, Snap Finance, EasyPay, FlexLending, Integra FDIC $1,330,884,000 No

UMB Dynamics Fiserv OCC $36,378,318,000 Yes Primarily only cobrands; Fiserv Shop

Web Bank Yes Yes Klarna, Zero, Petal, Lending Club, Mosaic, Toast, DigniFi, Avant, Gemini FDIC $2,650,606,000 No

Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS) Yes ZenBanx :( OCC $15,109,649,000

Wex Yes Divvy c $9,227,610,000 Yes

BaaS - Open Source Info - Banks & Processors
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Published 30/11/2021, 08:07:30


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