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Philosophy - 🟧heystacks

What are the arguments against free will? | Essay

philosophy, quil, learning, free will, ethics, essay

What is free will? An essay contains arguments for and against free will. The notion of free will is one of the defining features of humanity and arguably the most important in the philosophy of action.

The Enlightenment [Pear Deck] (shared)

teaching, teaching materials, philosophy, history, Enlightenment, PearDeck

A philosophy lesson slide deck about Enlightenment - do we need government? Natural rights, the social contract, main philosophers of the era and other topics.

Is Panpsychism a good solution to the mind-body problem? | Essay

philosophy, quil, panpsychism, mind, body, learning, essay

Overview of panpsychism - history, arguments for and against and future outlook. It is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been ascribed to many philosophers. Panpsychism has been suggested as one of the possible solutions to the hard problem of consciousness.